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About Me

Ash is a UK based Street Photographer, with a background in fine art and design and a professional background in sports coaching and teaching.

Inspired by early colour street photographers like Saul Leiter & Fred Herzog, Ash likes to use light, colour and texture to capture intriguing moments in daily life.

Ash's background in fine art and design leads him to take a more artistic view of photography, preferring the aesthetic over the technical and this leads him to produce work leaning more towards the “environmental” street photography style, where the human element provides a sense of scale or context to the environment, rather than working in the pure documentary or candid style.

Ash lives by the sea with his wife, his 2 year old daughter and his powerful beard.

Ash is a founding member of The Curious Camera Club, London’s newest (and best) Street Photography Collective and an administrator for The Art of Street Photography facebook group.

You can read more about Ash and the way he works in this article at The Phoblographer

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