Ash is an experienced presenter and coach and loves to talk to clubs, schools and societies about photography and to share his knowledge on capturing the streets.



Ash is available to give talks to camera clubs, societies, schools, universities and to anyone else who is willing to listen, in the Dorset/Hampshire area

Talks cover a wide variety of street photography topics including the history of street photography, working the street, working a scene (composition), approaching the subject, technical skills for the streets, editing and post production and tips and tricks.

Thanks so much for coming along to the club last night to give us a very enjoyable and inspiring talk on Street Photography.  I particularly enjoyed the illustrations of the creative side and the considerations for composition, post processing and publication. 
- Paul (AFFCC)



Ash can lead Street Photography workshops for your club, society or 1-2-1. Bespoke workshops can be tailored to your specific needs and held in your local area or in central London. We also run scheduled workshops (please click the button below for details of the next scheduled workshop). Workshops will cover practical tips for shooting on the street, overcoming nerves and a lot of live practice and reflection. Ash has been a coach for 20+ years and so has a great deal of knowledge and experience of how people learn and as such is the prefect guide through the street photography genre. Click the button below to find out about currently scheduled workshops.